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Ohhhh something new. CORUMBA from Brazil.

Brazil is a beautiful country. They also have beautiful laws. These laws allow the peoples of Brazil to hone their skills, and grow all the mushrooms they need.
Corumba is a beautiful strain. Still encapsulating the rich and deep history of South America. Loving the warm and tropical climates of Brazil the Corumba grows tall. With large bell-shaped caps to aid evaporation.

Each order includes:
◦ One 10 cc Luer-lock syringe filled with spores suspended in pure distilled water.
◦ One sterile needle (Size may vary)
◦ One- Alcohol Prep Pad

All products are made in a lab-grade environment with 99.99% @0.3 micron Laminar Flow Hood. All spores are for microscopy purposes. Images are provided for informational and educational reference only, and originate from cultivators and labs outside the United States. All products on this site are Federally legal to buy, sell, and possess. No shipping to CA, GA, or ID at this time.


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